Hire an Expert Resume Writer

resume services Quite often, we will get our friends to help review our resumes, trying to solicit whatever useful feedback they might have. Why not hire an experienced resume writer in Vancouver, one who has an established track record as a professional recruiter? Someone who knows how a resume should be written, formatted and presented; someone who can compose a resume from the standpoint of what an employer wishes to see in an employment document. A professional resume ought to stand out visually, and speak to the hiring needs of the employer.

Professional Resume Service

With my resume services, job applicants can submit resumes that are tailored specifically to the type of job they are seeking. The resumes I compose will showcase your qualifications, and highlight your work experience, education and credentials. Well-written, impactful resumes showcase high-caliber candidates whom employers will invite for interviews and eventually hire.

Get An Edge Over Other Job Applicants

I often write resumes to help job applicants who are in the following situations:

  • Being out of the work force for several years. (For example, job hunters who are returning to the work force after spending time being at home raising children. Or job applicants who have taken time out from work to obtain further training or certification.)
  • Having a work history with intermittent breaks away from the workforce.
  • Applying for jobs in professional services (law, accounting, engineering, architecture, information technology).
  • Applying for jobs in sales, retail, administration, marketing, teaching, consulting, finance, operations, computing, sciences.
  • Having a “foreign” resume, where your education & training, work experience, and credentials originate from outside of Canada.

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“Working with Milton was a seamless procedure. He was professional, efficient and the end result was exceptional. I acquired his services for a professional level resume and received just that! I now am working in the position that I was striving for and it was the resume he created for me that got my foot in the door. Highly recommended.”

– Amana K., Finance & Administration

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