1. Is University my only choice after secondary school graduation?

So you’re going to be graduating from secondary school this year, but you’re still not sure if university is the right choice afterwards. With the large number of people with a bachelor’s degree today, you may have heard that a university Bachelor of Arts or Science degree doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a well-paying job by the time you enter the job market.

And the idea of spending more time in a classroom, writing term papers and cramming for exams doesn’t excite you either.

Do I really need to go to university? In some cases, the answer is Yes, if you wish to enter law school or medicine or dentistry. But not everyone chooses those paths, or can even achieve the grades to get into professional programs like law school or medical school.  

Not everyone is cut out for university. Sadly, hundreds, if not thousands, enter university every year, only to leave or flunk out after one, two or three years. Many have no business being in university at all, but enroll due to family or social pressure. Others just don’t have the academic aptitude nor intellectual curiosity.

Some young people drift through university, barely squeezing by, only to graduate without a clue what they want to do after graduation. (“What am I going to with my degree in History?”, they ask.)  Some take clerical or low-paying service jobs after graduating; others, God forbid, go for a Master’s in History or English, only to postpone their job search or their career decision-making further into the future.  

My high school counselling service involves meeting with students one-on-one, discussing their preferences, interests, and future goals, and exploring whether university is the right short-term path to take. (In some cases, working for a year or two before going to university can be the right choice.)

My approach is not anti- or pro-university; it’s whether university is the right choice for you. Given my years of experience working in the career and employment field, I can counsel you on what you can expect from the university experience, and the realistic outcomes which lay in store for you.

For some, university could be the right choice. For others, it might be worthwhile looking at other options. Call me today 604 838 1222 to start finding out what are your realistic and practical choices after high school.  

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