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“You get paid in direct proportion to the problems you solve.” – Elon Musk

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Milton Kiang, B.A. (’89), LL.B. (’93)

Personalized, Professional Service

I am a professional resume writer in Vancouver who personally meets with all clients, helping them stand above the crowd when applying for jobs in a competitive employment market. I also help clients with their LinkedIn profiles, elevating their professional stature within their industry and occupation field.

When an “Ordinary” Resume Just Won’t Work

With competition for senior-level and high paying jobs being intense, submitting an “ordinary” resume just won’t do – what you need is an outstanding resume that will propel you to the top in a short list of interview candidates.

At Channel Resume, we help clients create professionally formatted resumes, with visually-compelling layouts and designs, distinctive titles and headings, and descriptive narratives that profile your greatest career achievements and job accomplishments.

Our professional resumes let employers know why you’re the best suited candidate, and they impress upon hiring managers the value and potential that you bring to the role, and the depth of your job experiences and professional qualifications.

What’s Different About Channel Resume Services

Unlike other resume service companies, I personally meet with all my clients, in order to assess their professional strengths, and to record their training, education and work experience. As a resume writer, I find that a personal meeting is critical to my writing process; it is only by speaking to my clients face-to-face that I can grasp a true sense of their professional capabilities and what they can offer a prospective employer.

Once you receive your professional resume from me, you’ll be pleased with the results: your work and education history will be clearly laid out and organized in a concise and compelling format.  I use descriptive and powerful language to give the employer an impressive picture of your skills, know-how, and talent.

Every resume that I create is focused on doing one thing: To get you a job interview.  


“Working with Milton was great from start to finish. He was professional and efficient throughout the process. I loved the look of my resume, and it helped me land an interview right away. I will certainly recommend his services to friends and colleagues.” – Ann Schmaltz, Broadcasting Professional

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The Secret Advantage for Job Searchers

Do any of the following scenarios apply to you? If so, my Vancouver resume writing services can help you.

  • Will you be applying for a more senior role or a higher-paying position?
  • Are you being considered for a promotion and require an updated, professional resume as part of the evaluation process?
  • Has it been years (or decades) since you’ve sent out your resume?
  • Do you feel that your resume is out-of-date and no longer displays your greatest strengths and core competencies?

Resume Writing Credentials

In addition to being a former executive recruiter with the world’s largest legal search firm, I am a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career CoachesThe National Resume Writers’ Association, and a former Treasurer (Vancouver Chapter) of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.

Having worked in recruitment, I know what employers look for in an applicant’s  resume. I compose resumes that highlight a candidate’s biggest “selling points”, and employ descriptive and compelling language to create an immediate, positive impact on the employer.  As a professional writer, I have written in the Business & Careers Section of The Lawyers Weekly, as well as for national and local publications such as The Vancouver Sun, The Georgia Straight, The Canadian Lawyer magazine, and many others.

By choosing an expert resume writer, you will be putting your best foot forward in the job application process.  Call me today at 604-251-3203 for a free telephone consultation, and find out how I can help you put your best foot forward in the job hunting process. Email me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!