Applying for graduate studies in fields such as business, law or medicine?

As a professional application writer, I can help you craft a unique & compelling personal statement for a Master’s program or post-graduate studies.

You’ve now written your LSAT, GMAT or MCAT. You have succeeded in maintaining your GPA during your university studies.

  • How do you distinguish your grad school application among hundreds (or thousands) of other applicants?
  • How do you effectively highlight your years of academic achievement, volunteer experience, sports activities, hobbies, and personal interests in your application ?
  • What is it about you as a person – your cultural background, your life experiences, your academic career – that makes you an ideal candidate for the first-year medical, business, or law school class?

Your GPA and your test scores are set and can’t be changed. But one thing that you can control within your application is the way you write your admissions essay; the way you articulate your reasons for going to graduate school.

Hiring a Professional Application Writer

No personal statement should ever start with: “It has always been my dream to be a doctor [or fill in the blank].” Instead, I help applicants uncover unique attributes about themselves – their background, their work experiences, their career aspirations and goals – that make them desirable grad school candidates.

I can help you write your personal statement (or university letter of intent) in your “voice”, one that captures your intellect, your career ambitions and life purpose, into a powerful personal statement.

And don’t forget – your personal interests and values, upbringing, life experiences – they count too. It’s just a matter of incorporating them into your admissions essay in a relevant and meaningful manner.

Personal Statement Writer for University Applications

I have helped numerous students over the years with their personal statements, increasing their chances of entering business school, law school and medical school. I have also helped students write letters of appeal, in order to be re-admitted to their university faculty.

As an experienced resume writer in Vancouver,  I have the expertise to highlight your key qualifications and experiences in a way that makes you a winning candidate for your graduate school program.

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