“Milton helped me create a strong resume. He was very responsive and professional in his approach, and has a way of uncovering your hidden strengths and presenting them in a powerful way on paper. I’d definitely recommend his resume writing services.”

– Christiane Brauer, Regional Sales Representative

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Resume Writer Fees:

The fee is $450 – $550 per resume, depending on the length of your work history and the complexity of your employment background. My resume consulting services include meeting with you to discuss your education, work background and experience; and once again, to go over the completed resume with you.

Compared to the fees of other resume service companies, this rate might seem high.  This is because my services (unlike that of online resume services)  involve personally meeting with clients, interviewing them, and developing a carefully crafted resume targeted for the jobs you seek. To find out more, please refer to my description of resume writing services.

Cover Letter Writer Fees:

I charge a fee of $495 for composing a cover letter. Cover letters should be about a page, to a page-and-a-half. It should describe your work background and credentials in relation to the job requirements, and why you are uniquely qualified for the position. Refer to my professional CV writing services page for more information.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Fees:

The fee is $495 – $550 for composing LinkedIn profiles. This includes two face-to face meetings – the first meeting to discuss your work background and qualifications, the second meeting to review with you your finished profile and to make any final changes and amendments. I will insert your photo and logo, enter your work experience, and complete all other relevant fields. My description of Linkedin profile writing service will give you a clearer idea of what you can expect.

University Application Service – Personal Statement Writer Fees:

The rate is $495 for writing university personal statements, letters of intent, and admissions essays for graduate, university, and post-secondary programs. My services include meeting with you, interviewing you, going over your academic background and work history, and then composing your personal statement (or letter of intent). Take a look at my university application service – personal statement writer page to obtain more details.

Post-secondary Education & Career Direction

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