June 12th, 2018:

UBC & The Rotary Club – A One-Hundred-Year History Together

Today, we had the pleasure of having Dr. Santa Ono, the president of the University of British Columbia, give a talk to the Rotary Club of Vancouver.  As a Rotary member and UBC alumnus (B.A. ‘89), I was delighted to hear about Rotary and UBC’s unique relationship, and to get an update on UBC’s latest developments.

Dr. Ono giving a talk to The Rotary Club of Vancouver, Terminal City Club, June 12th, 2018

According to a 2018 ranking of the top global universities by U.S. News & World Report, UBC is now ranked No. 27, behind such esteemed institutions as Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, and Oxford. The B.C. university, the largest in Canada after the University of Toronto, continues to excel in its world-class research and collaboration with other institutions around the globe. For example, UBC partnered with the University of Washington in forming the Cascadia Innovation Corridor with the mandate of collaborating on economic growth and technological innovation, to tackle complex issues ranging from climate change and transportation to health and aging.

Left to Right: Milton Kiang, Dr. Santa Ono

The Rotary Club, nearly as old as UBC (both about a hundred years old), shares with UBC the goals of advancing science and technology to benefit humanity. Dr. Ono thanked the Rotary Club for its continuing financial support for its research on hearing and stem cell studies. Rotary made a sizeable donation to build UBC’s International House back in 1953, helping to raise the university’s international profile. Rotary funded the speech pathology lab at St. Paul’s Hospital, for which Dr. Ono expressed personal gratitude, as he was a patient of the lab as a child.

To view the talk in its entirety, click here.


September 17th, 2016: 

UBC International Relations – IR Connect

Last Saturday, I got a chance to return to my alma mater, the University of British Columbia, and to be a panel speaker at a career event for all International Relations (IR) students. As an IR alumna, I was invited to speak about my experience as a university student, how my studies in IR helped me in my career, and what I got out of the program. It was fun reminiscing about my university days, share what I learned, and speculate about how I’d do things differently if I had to repeat university all over again. I loved taking questions from the students, all of whom were eager to do wonderful things with their lives once they graduate.

The one-day event, called IR Connect, and now in its second year, was held at the Liu Institute for Global Issues. The objective was to get students to start thinking about their careers once they leave university, meet other students, and exchange information about student exchange programs and internships.

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July 15th, 2016:

University of Calgary – Faculty of Law

I was pretty happy to be interviewed and featured in a news story appearing in the University of Calgary Faculty of Law website. The article shows how unpredictable a person’s career journey can be. When I started law school back in 1990, did I know that I would eventually end up in the career field as a senior resume writer? Definitely not. But a person’s interests, skills, and values change over time, and with that, so do their chosen occupations.

Here’s the story. Let me know what you think!



JULY 5th, 2016: 


I was recently asked by our chapter president, John Bathurst, to serve as Club Secretary for the upcoming year 2016-17. In the photo below, I am giving my first presentation as Club Secretary. In this role, I am responsible for informing members about upcoming meetings, and announcing member birthdays and anniversary dates. The secretary is also responsible for taking board minutes. The Rotary Club of Vancouver meets every Tuesday, noon – 1.30pm, at the Terminal City Club in downtown Vancouver.

Rotary Club of Vancouver

NOVEMBER 19th, 2015:

In this video tutorial, I talk about an aspect of resume writing that would help job applicants updating or re-writing their resumes. This video can also be found on YouTube under Channel Resume.

Vancouver Resume Writing Workshop

In this career work shop, I teach participants of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program how to write better resumes.  Specifically, I tell the audience how to tailor or modify their resumes for every job application they make.

I advise that it’s best  to create a “Career Summary” (or “Career Profile”) which should appear right at the top of one’s resume. This “Career Summary” should be tailored for every job role that you apply for.

If you have any questions about this presentation, feel free to email me at milton.kiang@gmail.com or telephone me at 604 838 1222.