2. What are my other post-secondary options?

Don’t despair, there are other realistic and practical options outside of university. Many choose vocational or technical colleges to enroll in programs that train you for specific jobs and occupations. There are literally thousands of jobs for which you can be trained and certified, in areas ranging from industrial and building trades to healthcare to information technology.

Quite often, as a young person with almost no experience in the working world, it’s hard to know what occupation you should choose. Some people who enjoy video games mistakenly think that they should be game programmers. Here’s my first tip: Enjoying an activity, and working in that field are two different things! Just because I like staying in nice hotels does not mean I am suited to work in the hotel or hospitality field.

Through my personal and career assessment process, and one-on-one discussions with you, we can explore which occupations might or might not be suitable to you – based on what you tell me about your interests, personality and temperament, natural talents. (Note: I don’t use personality and aptitude tests such as MBTI, Strong, and others similar tests. Besides some questions about their efficacy, I find that honest, one-on-one discussions with the student is far more useful in gaining insight on one’s work preferences, likes and dislikes, ability to work with things, ideas or people, and the like.)

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