I came across an amazing interview on The Best Business Show with Anthony Pompliano with guest Hannah Maruyama, co-host of The Degree Free podcast. Hannah brings incredible insight over the question of whether one actually needs a college degree to secure a good-paying job.

I’ve wrestled with this question before, in my blog “Is a university degree worth it?” The amazing point that Hannah brings to this question is that most people think getting a college or university degree is a low risk-option for young people; in fact, it is the most risky option because of the inflated tuition costs of universities these days, coupled with the opportunity cost of missing out on full-time earnings while enrolled in college.

Hannah raises the point that the average US tuition is now USD$30,000 per year, and the average number of years it takes a student to graduate is five and a half years. Starting off your working life with a debt burden of over $150,000 is demotivating. Add to that a tough job market where employers increasingly demand experience and marketable skills just to get in the door. It’s no wonder many graduates with History or Philosophy degrees end up working at Home Depot or Starbucks just to make ends meet.

But make no mistake, Hannah is not anti-college, and neither am I. Certain domains require a college degree only because the professions are regulated and getting a college degree is the only avenue (e.g. jobs as a nurse, lawyer, teacher, etc.) But the point is that there are thousands upon thousands of other jobs that don’t require a college degree, and not a lot of young people are even aware such jobs exist.

In this illuminating video, Hannah talks about ways you can get jobs without a college degree, how you can prepare to make yourself competitive in the job market, and how to improve yourself with continuing education and make yourself marketable in the eyes of employers.  Hannah likes to break the rules, her thinking is wonderfully heterodox, and best of all, her perspective is refreshing. Don’t miss this interview.

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