cover letter servicesWhat Should My Cover Letter Say?

The cover letter need not be an overly complicated, long-winded document. Like your resume, it helps sell your services to an employer. Therefore, it should highlight, in a succinct manner, the value that you can offer an employer.

But isn’t that what your resume is supposed to do? Well, Yes and No. Your resume does a fine job of stating your work history and education record, but it doesn’t necessarily reflect all of your professional abilities and accomplishments. For instance, your resume might not show how your division VP had allocated more headcount under your management due to your strong leadership skills. Or how you’ve consistently outperformed your peers in annual performance reviews. Talking about these accomplishments in your cover letter is a great way of highlighting the value that you can bring to an employer.

The tone of your cover letter should be persuasive and confident, but never assertive or desperate, regardless of how much you want the job. Salary should not be discussed, unless this is clearly requested in the job description.

Hire a Professional Cover Letter Writer

I can help you compose a persuasive and informative cover letter, one that addresses the employer’s needs in a compelling manner. By personally interviewing you, I can get a sense of your professional strengths and skill sets, and what you can offer the employer. I can highlight your qualifications and work experiences in a powerful and relevant manner, conveying to the employer that you are strong candidate for the job role.

Once you have a cover letter that you are satisfied with, you can modify it as you see fit or use it as a template for other job applications. Call me at 604-251-3203 in Vancouver BC to see how I can help you write a strong cover letter.