Medical Mask Resellers Punished in Canada

I wrote a short article for back in April 2020 talking about how independent vendors of medical masks were fined for reselling PPEs when they were in short supply at stores and pharmacies. I was asked by my friend Dr. Walter Block, a libertarian scholar and professor of economics at Loyola University at New… Read more »

Career Night with UBC International Relations & Political Science Students

On January 22nd, I was invited by the UBC International Relations Students Society and the Political Science Students Association to take part in a alumni-student facilitated networking event. The central theme was about developing one’s career path and preparing for the job market. Managed by Reshaad Ali, UBC Alumni Engagement Manager, and assisted by Maria… Read more »

JET Career Workshop

Last Sunday Nov. 25th, I once again had the opportunity of presenting a resume workshop to past participants of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET). (The last presentation I gave to this group was three years ago so it was good getting reconnected to the Program.) As some of you might know, I was… Read more »

2017 UBC Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) Career Evening – “Limitless”

On Thursday March 9th, I had the opportunity of speaking in front of UBC Arts students about the value of a liberal arts degree, the career paths available to undergrads, and how to approach the job market. I, along with a panel of other Arts alumni, spoke for about 45 minutes at Café Medina, in… Read more »

Is It Ethical To Leave Out Your Past Employment in Your Resume?

Like many ethical questions, the answer is “it depends”, which means there is a “yes” and “no” component to the answer. At the outset, I should state that a resume is your own personal work biography rather a legal document, so you are not required to state every job you’ve ever had. But what you… Read more »

Why A Lot Of Executive Resumes Get an “F”

                  ONE OF THE MOST COMMON MISTAKES that successful managers make in their job applications is their inability to tailor their resumes according to the hiring manager’s needs. VPs, directors, and C-suite executives expect that their advanced degrees and former job titles and responsibilities will do the… Read more »

What do you say when your job interviewer asks, “What is your expected salary?”

Most job interviews end when the hiring manager takes one last look at your resume and asks, “What is your expected salary?” Some people get uncomfortable around the discussion of money, but during the job interview process, you’ll need to get accustomed to talking about salary numbers. My suggestion to my resume clients is to… Read more »

2015 CKNW Orphans’ Fund Pledge Drive a Success!

This year, I got to participate in the CKNW Orphans’ Fund Pledge Drive held at the Terminal City Club in downtown Vancouver. As a member of the Rotary Club of Vancouver, I was happy to volunteer to answer calls from donors making their pledges. The Rotary Club of Vancouver has long been a supporter of… Read more »