Vancouver resume servicesHere are some questions clients ask about my writing services:

Q: Do you always meet with your clients?

A:  Yes, I meet with every client in person. This helps me understand you better, and to ask you questions about your background, education and work history. As much as I would like to do this over the telephone, nothing beats meeting face-to-face.


Q: I have noticed that there are some online resume writing services that charge a lower fee. Why do you charge more?

A:  Online resume services require clients to complete information fields, and enter their own work and education information into a database. The system takes your information and organizes it into a resume template. Most of the process is automated, with minimal or no contribution from a writer. These services are based on volume and scale, and therefore, these companies can charge a lower fee.

If you have checked with other professional resume services, you will note that my fees are in line with industry rates.

Some of my clients have previously used cheaper services, only to realize that their resume is not acceptable, and that they will need to commit further time, energy and expense to make their resumes “interview-worthy”. From that perspective, it is more cost-effective to go with an experienced resume writer the first time around.


“If you have checked with other professional resume services, you will note that my fees are in line with the industry standard.”


Q: What qualifies you as a professional resume writer?

A:  To qualify as a seasoned resume writer, one must have extensive experience in writing resumes and an in-depth knowledge of the job market, the job search and hiring process, and the employment field. As a former executive recruiter, I have reviewed and screened hundreds of resumes and interviewed numerous candidates for a range of job postings. I have written countless resumes and cover letters, spanning a cross-section of industry sectors, from banking to construction services, nursing to marketing consulting. I have studied career counselling, and I coach job applicants on the job interview process, and salary and job offer negotiations.

I am also a professional writer and have written for numerous national and local publications. In order to write a strong resume, one must not only hold an expansive knowledge of the employment field, one must also possess strong writing skills.

Finally, I have copywriting experience which is critical to writing a powerful resume.  The objective of copywriting is to sell a product or service. In this case, you are selling your services to an employer, and your resume is your “sales brochure”. The language you employ in writing your resume must be succinct, convincing and persuasive, and the tone must always be professional.

A high percentage of my clients have been invited for job interviews, which in turn, have resulted in job offers. Please view the testimonials from satisfied clients.

Please call me at 604-251-3203, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.