“Milton hosted a resume workshop for our organization in fall 2018. The audience included individuals entering the workforce across a variety of sectors: education, sciences, project management and translation. Milton’s presentation was engaging, interactive and professional. As a former recruiter, he knows how to translate skills and experience into a language that employers understand. We highly recommend his services.”

– Maya Duvage
Career Officer, JETAABC


“Milton was really easy to work with, and I was very happy with the resulting product.”

–  Susan Atkinson, Paralegal, Securities and Corporate



“I am happy with the resume and cover letter Milton helped me with. I can see a great improvement in both documents. I would recommend him to my friends who need help with a resume and cover letter.”

– Connie Zhou, Accounting & Bookkeeping



“Milton is not just the normal resume writer & interview coach, he is also a counselor & motivational coach. After a couple of sessions with Milton over coffee, I walked away with not only my revamped resume, but also new found self confidences to tackle my job hunt. Milton genuinely believes in me and provided advice on how to highlight areas about my skill sets which I have not even noticed that I may have. I am very glad that I found Milton.”

– YK Lim, IT Consultant



“ Milton is definitely an expert at writing résumés. He makes writing résumés appear so simple because he delivers a quick and professional service. Milton has a sharp eye for excellence. Thanks, Milton.”

– S. Johannesen, Real Estate & Construction



“ Milton provided me with expert modifications for my resume, not only aesthetically, but more importantly in refining and streamlining my content composition to achieve better focus. Milton helps you adjust aspects of your materials so that you will stand out from the pack, with concise communication about what your strengths are and what you bring to the employer. No matter what level of employment you are looking for, I highly recommend the solid investment of hiring Milton as your first step.”

– Jim Wall, Financial Controller



“Milton was very professional and delivered a great service. I am very satisfied with the outcome of his work. I would recommend Milton to other people and I’d definitely hire him again.”

– N. Marchant, Assembly & Manufacturing