Professional Linkedin Profile Writer

professional linkedin profile writers

There’s no doubt that most professionals, business owners, and managers today need to have a compelling and professionally-written LinkedIn profile. The reason is because many prospective clients, employees, and employers go to LinkedIn to find out more about a person that they wish to hire, do business with, or simply connect with.

LinkedIn already has 300 million members worldwide. If you want to get connected with the right people and organizations, you need to have a profile that showcases your qualifications, credentials and key accomplishments.

In composing your LinkedIn profile, I focus on being succinct, clear, and relevant. LinkedIn readers tend to scan text very quickly, but will pick up on key words. As an expert resume writer, every profile that I write captures the person’s work history and experience, and conveys the value that they bring to organizations, associates and clients.

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LinkedIn Testimonial:

“Milton helped me with my LinkedIn profile and was extremely professional, efficient, detailed, and quick to get it done. I highly recommend Milton.”

Tracey St. Denis CPA CGA
Principal at T.ST.DENIS, INC.