What’s it like to work in the Bitcoin industry

Despite the recent price drawdown of Bitcoin, you can’t ignore its incredible price action over the last thirteen years, from zero dollars to its all-time-high of US$68,000 in late 2021. It’s been breathtaking to see the number of companies which has risen around the Bitcoin ecosystem, such as crypto and Bitcoin-only exchanges, crypto wallets and… Read more »

Shall I Follow My Career Passion? A Primer on Finding Your Dream Job

I penned this is article for Freshgigs.ca because of a conversation I had recently with friends about what would be our desired “dream job”. There is a conventional saying that “if we find our dream job, we never have to work a day in our lives”. Successful entrepreneurs, celebrities and self-made billionaires tell us that the… Read more »

Working As a Tattoo Artist

Tattoos have never been more popular than they are today. Every other celebrity seems to sport tattoos – from Angelina Jolie to David Beckham to Johnny Depp – and shows like “Miami Ink” and “L.A. Ink” have become popular television programs. Fifteen years ago, there were only 12 tattoo shops in the Vancouver Lower Mainland;… Read more »