I penned this is article for Freshgigs.ca because of a conversation I had recently with friends about what would be our desired “dream job”. There is a conventional saying that “if we find our dream job, we never have to work a day in our lives”. Successful entrepreneurs, celebrities and self-made billionaires tell us that the recipe to job fulfillment is to follow one’s dream and passion.

Cold, hard reality

In this article, I wanted to inject a dose of cold, hard reality to this discussion. Not everyone who follows his passion is guaranteed to find job satisfaction. To wit, just look at the hundreds of starving artists, singers and writers who toil in obscurity for very little money. Yes, they might enjoy their work, but that work enjoyment can be hard to sustain when there are outstanding bills to pay.


What is required, I argue, is an equal combination of talent, commitment, hard work and, perhaps the most overlooked factor, luck.

This doesn’t mean that we should be confined to a work life of drudgery, boredom and discontent. One should find work that hopefully utilizes one’s skills, experience, talents. If you happen to work in an area that you’re passionate about, well, then you’re lucky.

If luck isn’t on your side, I suggest that there are certain guidelines that you can follow while you search for your ideal work. It may not be your “dream job” but it might be one that will keep you engaged and challenged, one that will eventually bring you career satisfaction.

Career advice

For instance, one of my suggested tips is to ask, “what exactly will you be doing all day?”  Will you be working at a desk all day? Will you be outdoors visiting clients? Or a bit of both? If you’re weighed down with activities that you have no interest in doing, or are not good at doing – such as writing reports, selling to people, etc – then the job will be pure hell for you.

You need to actually look at each component of your job responsibilities, and assess whether you have the skills, tolerance, or patience to do those things. Every job has a mundane aspect to it. As long as the mundane aspects are outweighed by the more interesting and challenging components, then that job might be the one to give you long term work satisfaction.

Read on to find out more about searching for your ideal job.

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