Resume help & writing services vancouverPersonalized, Efficient Resume Services.

I normally follow this process with all my clients: I will meet with you, and discuss your work history, and education and training background. We will also discuss the job vacancies you are applying for. Once I have gathered all the required information, I will write a resume that is specifically targeted for your desired job position(s). Your resume will be written, organized and formatted in a way that gives your job application an “edge” over other applicants.

Your resume document will be given to you in Microsoft Word and PDF format on the same day that we meet.

Writing Excellence.

I have 15+ years of professional writing experience, and have worked extensively in the employment field. I have reviewed hundreds of resumes and have interviewed numerous job applicants. I know what employers look for, when they short-list resumes and decide which candidates they will interview. With my resume help, I can give you the benefit of my extensive experience and insight working in the employment field.

Asking the Right Questions.

When you have worked in private industry as long as I have, you get an exact sense for what should be included in a resume. By asking probing questions, I can uncover over-looked aspects about your background, experience, and training that should be included in your resume. Conversely, I can edit out information from your resume that might not be relevant, appear redundant, or otherwise would not be of interest to a prospective employer.

This doesn’t mean misrepresenting your work or education history. There might be aspects of your biography that are in the “grey area”. For example, should you include in your resume your one-week professional development course in Legal Writing? Or should you include your volunteer work experience with the community food bank when you were in-between jobs? Should you include your employee recognition certificate awarded for Best Customer Service? These are questions I can help you with.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Call me at 604-838-1222.