Before Accepting That Job Offer, 5 Things You Should Know

In this article I wrote for, I discuss five things you should consider before accepting a job offer. This is presuming that everything else about the job is acceptable to you: your new title, job responsibilities, salary & benefits, commute time to office, etc. These five items are sometimes overlooked when you’re anxious to… Read more »

The Zen of Networking: 10 Rules to Follow

I think many people have the mistaken notion about what is networking, according to my blog in First off, people tend to think of a professional networker as someone who tirelessly passes out his business cards at every gathering, or someone who busily works a room at a cocktail or business function. What is… Read more »

Shall I Follow My Career Passion? A Primer on Finding Your Dream Job

I penned this is article for because of a conversation I had recently with friends about what would be our desired “dream job”. There is a conventional saying that “if we find our dream job, we never have to work a day in our lives”. Successful entrepreneurs, celebrities and self-made billionaires tell us that the… Read more »

The Do’s & Dont’s of Resume Formatting

The style, format and design of resumes is something I get asked about a lot from my clients, which is why I wrote an resume writing tips article for When you look at resume templates on the web, you’ll see a vast of array of resume styles in all manner of formats, colour schemes, and styles. Clients… Read more »

Low-Tech Summer Job Hunting Tips for University Students

As a professional resume writer in Vancouver, I was helping a university student with her resume and she lamented the fact that out of the dozens of recent online job applications she made she did not receive one single reply. I explained to my client that employers receive hundreds, if not thousands, of online job applications… Read more »

Working As a Tattoo Artist

Tattoos have never been more popular than they are today. Every other celebrity seems to sport tattoos – from Angelina Jolie to David Beckham to Johnny Depp – and shows like “Miami Ink” and “L.A. Ink” have become popular television programs. Fifteen years ago, there were only 12 tattoo shops in the Vancouver Lower Mainland;… Read more »