how to work with your recruiterRead Part 1, Part 2.

In this final segment of a three-part series, I discuss the optimum number of recruitment firms one should use when looking for work. Some people have the impression that using more recruiters will increase one’s chances of finding work. That’s not necessarily the case.


It’s really a question of manageability. That is, how many recruiters can you stay on top of, without getting your lines of communication crossed?  Can you remember which recruiter sent your resume to Company XYZ, and which recruiter sent your resume to Company ABC? This is what I mean by “manageability”.

Should you always go through your recruiter?

Also, in this article, I discuss the delicate question of whether it’s proper for you to call up your job interviewer, or whether you should go through your recruiter. Suppose you had a question you wanted to ask your interviewer, and she happened to give you her card, saying “Call me up anytime if you have any questions.” Should you still go through your recruiter if you had a question that needed to be answered? Believe it or not, there are some rules of protocol that should be followed.

Should you give your resume to a recruiter?

And finally, I discuss the question of whether you should give your resume to a recruiter who calls you out of the blue, and tells you there is a great job opportunity. With the popularity of LinkedIn (a godsend to recruiters everywhere), it’s not uncommon to receive solicitations from recruiters asking you for your resume. On one hand, you don’t want to miss a great job opportunity, if indeed, such a job existed. But on the other, you don’t want to send your most private document to just anyone who asks for it.

To find the answers to these questions, read on!

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