Using A Recruiter To Look For WorkRead Part 1, Part 3.

In this second part, I discuss a question clients sometimes ask me:  Are my chances better if I apply to a job recruiter’s ad, or if I apply directly to the hiring company? In order for me to answer this question, you should know how recruitment firms operate.

Whenever you see a recruiter’s job ad for a vacancy, a recruiter will have been engaged either on an “exclusive” or a “non-exclusive” basis.

Exclusive recruiters

If a recruiter is hired by the employer on an exclusive basis, all resumes will be sent to that recruiter. (This means that even if you sent your resume to the employer, that employer will have to send your resume to the recruiter to be screened and assessed.)

Non-exclusive recruiters

If a recruiter is engaged on a non-exclusive basis, this means that multiple recruitment firms are used to fill a vacancy. Sometimes, even the employer will post its own job vacancy ad to find candidates.

What does this mean for you? Well, if a recruiter is engaged on an exclusive basis, your chances of landing an interview are the same whether you sent your resume to the employer, or whether you sent it to the recruiter. However, if a recruiter is engaged an non-exclusive basis, you might want to consider your options. There are certain factors that might make it more advantageous for you to send your resume to a recruiter rather than to the employer (and vice versa).

At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you have a strong resume and that you meet most of the job requirements. Recruiters will almost certainly scrutinize your resume before sending it to the employer with its recommendation that you be contacted for an interview. Recruiters are paid by the employers to identify “hard-to-find-candidates”, and they want to make sure that they send only the best candidates for job vacancies.

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