Is It Ethical To Leave Out Your Past Employment in Your Resume?

Like many ethical questions, the answer is “it depends”, which means there is a “yes” and “no” component to the answer. At the outset, I should state that a resume is your own personal work biography rather a legal document, so you are not required to state every job you’ve ever had. But what you… Read more »

Why A Lot Of Executive Resumes Get an “F”

                  ONE OF THE MOST COMMON MISTAKES that successful managers make in their job applications is their inability to tailor their resumes according to the hiring manager’s needs. VPs, directors, and C-suite executives expect that their advanced degrees and former job titles and responsibilities will do the… Read more »

5 Simple Resume Mistakes to Avoid!

September seems to be a busy month for Vancouver resume writers like myself. With kids going back to school, and the summer being over, I guess people want to try applying for new jobs. September feels like the beginning of a new year, so why not start a new job? Before sending out your resume,… Read more »

Shall I State References In My Resume?

My original article appeared in In this blog, I discuss the straight-forward question of whether references need to be stated in one’s resume. The answer is “yes and no.” As I state in the article, listing out your references may not be so prudent because you never know when someone might call on your reference…. Read more »

Is it important to include your hobbies and interests in your resume?

Just how relevant are your hobbies and interests to your resume? Do employers really want to know what you do in your spare time, or what sports teams you played for in high school or university? As a professional resume writer in Vancouver I get this question a lot, and the answer isn’t so cut-and-dried. “Vanilla” interests… Read more »

Is a Bachelor’s Degree Worth Pursuing? (Part 3 of 3)

In this final segment, I make some final conclusions as to whether a bachelor’s degree is still worth achieving. If you haven’t already read the previous parts, check out  Is it worth pursuing a bachelor’s degree? (Part 1 of 3) Is it worth pursuing a bachelor’s degree? (Part 2 of 3) As I mention in… Read more »

The Do’s & Dont’s of Resume Formatting

The style, format and design of resumes is something I get asked about a lot from my clients, which is why I wrote an resume writing tips article for When you look at resume templates on the web, you’ll see a vast of array of resume styles in all manner of formats, colour schemes, and styles. Clients… Read more »

Low-Tech Summer Job Hunting Tips for University Students

As a professional resume writer in Vancouver, I was helping a university student with her resume and she lamented the fact that out of the dozens of recent online job applications she made she did not receive one single reply. I explained to my client that employers receive hundreds, if not thousands, of online job applications… Read more »