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In this final segment, I make some final conclusions as to whether a bachelor’s degree is still worth achieving.

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As I mention in the article, universities are already taking action, in response to criticisms that they are not doing enough to prepare graduates for the job market. For example, at the University of British Columbia, my alma mater, there is a Tri-Arts Mentoring Program where students are matched up with alumni members who share the same Arts major.

The idea behind the program is for mentors to share their experiences of transitioning to a work life outside university, finding a career, and tackling the job market.

University graduate salaries

Finally, I discuss the issue of salaries.  University graduates can take comfort that, over time, those with degrees do make higher incomes than those with just a high school or college diploma. Paul Davidson, president of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, stated in The Globe and Mail that “the basic premise that the value of a B.A. is not what it used to be is wrong.” In his research, based on census information, Davidson found that people with a basic undergraduate degree make $1.4 million more over their lifetime than those with no post-secondary education, and $1 million more than college grads.

Read more of this final segment in BCJobs.ca to find out my conclusions of obtaining an Arts degree in today’s competitive job market.

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