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In this second segment, I continue my discussion as to whether a bachelor’s degree is worth pursuing. I explain some of the benefits that studies in the humanities can give students. But what about preparing students for the tough job market? Can an Arts degree give students “job ready” skills?

Can an Arts degree give students “job ready” skills?

Before we get into this debate, we have to ask ourselves whether it is the responsibility of universities to give students job-specific skills. Anyone looking at job ads today will have noticed that more and more employers are asking entry-level applicants to already have at least one or two years of relevant experience.

I cite Craig Alexander, chief economist for TD Bank, who said in a Toronto Star article that this new emphasis on skills, rather than education, is basically a manoeuvre to “get the education system to do the training that in the past the employer would do.” Review my article in to learn more about this debate.

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