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 Cost vs Benefits, Getting a B.A.

The topic of getting a humanities degree is sure to illicit a range of strong opinions. We have all heard of Arts graduates who end up working at Starbucks or Home Depot for minimum wage. With the cost of university tuition being at an all-time high, and the job market still recovering from the Great Recession, there are many who feel that post secondary students ought to enter vocational institutes if they ever hope to secure gainful employment.

I used to think that universities did a poor job in equipping university graduates for today’s competitive job market. As a professional resume writer in Vancouver BC, I would sometimes look at a young person’s resume, observe the number of degrees and programs that the individual has taken, and wonder how it is that the person still can’t find decent work in her field, or a job with a promising career path.

My view has since changed. Like many complex subjects, there isn’t a straight-forward answer as to whether a liberal arts degree is the preferred route for anyone getting out of high school.

In this three-part series that I wrote for, I discuss the pros and cons of obtaining a liberal arts degree.

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