UBC Tri-Art Mentoring ProgramIf you’ve read my earlier blog concerning the value of a Humanities degree, then you will know that I support the UBC Faculty of Arts Tri-Mentoring Program. Last Tuesday night (Oct. 20th) was the kick-off event, where I got to meet other Arts alumni and my two mentees. Christine Lee, an associate director of alumni engagement, together with her team, hosted the event. Lee spoke about the program’s objectives, describing areas that worked well, and others that might need improvement. She talked about the ways mentors can help their students, and how mentors themselves can benefit from the program.

One insight that I learned was that the relationship forged between mentor and mentee is unlike that which a student normally shares with his parents or teachers. Perhaps for the first time, students can interact with adults in a way that’s different from their parents and teachers.  Mentees value the relationship they have with their mentors, and from my observation, they are eager to learn as much as they can, and want to be prepared for their working life once they leave university.

For those of you who’ve left university for several years, and are thinking of ways to give back to their alma mater, participating in a similar mentorship program that your university runs is a great way to achieve this goal.

Here is a recent press release talking about my support of the program.


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