Vancouver Resume Writer, Wearing Bike Helmet Photo!Hello there! I know this isn’t related to resume writing, career exploration or job hunting, but I’m trying to use all social media platforms to get the word out about my upcoming Bike-a-Thon to fund-raise for the Rotary Hearing Foundation. For this Bike-a- thon, I promise to ride 120 km from Burnaby to Harrison Hot Springs, rain or shine.

Can you imagine not being able to hear your child speak his or her first few words? Or not being able to savour the simple pleasure of listening to your favourite song? Most of us know someone who is coping with hearing-related issues.  I am sure that you or someone you know has already benefited from the excellent research being done in this field.

Over the past 30 years, our club has raised over $2.6 million in support of hearing causes in B.C. , including programs at the B.C. Children’s Hospital, B.C. Family Hearing Resource Society, and many others.

To see a great example of how your donations can help others, listen to  young Janelle Milne’s uplifting cochlear implant story.

A common donation is about $50, but, really, any amount would be appreciated. Any donation of $25 or more will qualify for a tax receipt. As a plus, your donation will be matched by corporate sponsors to support the Women’s National Soccer Team! [1]

Visit Milton’s Fundraising Page to make a donation.

(Or you can email me with the amount that you would like to donate, and I can arrange to collect a cheque from you.)

Respectfully, and with thanks,


[1]  This year, our club will be participating in a matching campaign organized by  Every dollar raised for the Vancouver Club of Vancouver Hearing Foundation will be matched by corporate sponsors to support our Women’s National Soccer Team.