how to choose a vancouver resume writerI didn’t want to write a self-serving article about how to choose a resume writer in Vancouver, but I felt that there weren’t many materials out there that serve as a guide for choosing a resume writer.



As I wrote this article, I tried to put myself into the shoes of the client, and asked myself, “What would I look for in a resume writer?” Here, in no particular order, are some of things that I would be mindful of:

1.  Can your resume writer write?

You should look for previous samples of her writing in judging whether this person has the ability to write a professional resume. If you don’t have his resume samples, look at his website, blogs and articles; you can learn a lot about a person’s writing abilities from those pieces of writing.

2.  What qualifications does the resume writer have?

Nowadays, a person can be certified by such associations as the Professional Association of Resume Writers or Career Coaches and The National Resume Writers’ Association. If your resume writer is certified, it is a plus, but not an absolute requirement.

I don’t have a resume writing certificate, but one doesn’t need special certification to work as a resume writer. Many resume writers have relevant experience gained from previous work, such as serving as a career counsellor, recruiter or head hunter, outplacement consultant, or even as a copywriter.

The important thing is that the resume writer understands what employers look for in an applicant’s resume. A good Vancouver resume writer will know how to highlight the applicant’s key skills and qualifications as they relate to a job opening. She will be skilled in presenting the person’s work biography, and education and training history in a succinct and
compelling way.

“A good Vancouver resume writer will know how to highlight the applicant’s key skills and qualifications as they relate to a job opening.”

3.  What is the resume writing process like?

A professional resume writer will clearly explain what the writing process will be like. In order to write your resume, the writer will require your work and education information. To get that information, the writer will do one of three things: he can have you fill in an online form; interview you over the telephone; or meet you in person for an in-depth discussion.

As a resume writer, I prefer to meet with my clients in person. This way, I get to know them better, and am able to grasp their special skills, unique work experiences and educational backgrounds.

Many resume services require clients to fill in a set of online forms; what they do is re-assemble the information that you provide to them. The problem with this method is that it fails to pull out all of an applicant’s talents and qualifications that might lie hidden away. From my experience, I find that this valuable information only surfaces when you have rigorously questioned the client, drilling deep into his work experiences and qualifications.

Applicants who do the same set of tasks everyday, over a period of decades, have a difficult time articulating their unique skill sets until you ask them very specific questions about their work responsibilities. A good resume writer will uncover an applicant’s key talents and core competencies by asking a set of insightful questions.

4.  Are you able to talk to the actual resume writer himself?

Before you hire your resume writer, it’s important to be able to talk to him and ensure you are comfortable using his services.

You will want to ask:

•  How long has he been a resume writer?
•  What qualifications or relevant experience does he have?
•  Has he prepared resumes for someone in your profession previously?
•  Is he familiar with the job market for someone in your occupation or profession?

Before you decide on your resume writer, do a Google search of some of the resume writers in your area, call up two or three, and then decide. It’s important that you build a good rapport with your writer, and quite often, it comes down to your “gut feel” about the writer himself. Good luck!

Hire a Vancouver Resume Writer

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