Vancouver Resume Writer Milton Kiang Featured In UBC Alumni Spotlight!

Asian Studies

After graduating from the University of British Columbia 26 years ago, I was glad to be re-connected to my alma mater through a recent interview I did with the UBC Asian Studies Department.

The interview really brought back memories from my undergraduate years – cramming for exams, writing term papers, playing intramural sports, going to keg parties. In the interview, I talk about how the university experience is as much about academic learning as it is about “social learning”. When I say social learning, I mean learning to network, working and cooperating with others in projects, building social relationships, developing your personal confidence. In many ways, it is the social learning that endures years after you leave university.

How I Became A Vancouver Resume Writer

Graduating from university, I didn’t set out to become a Vancouver resume writer. Rather, the route that I took was a rather long and winding one. I studied law at the University of Calgary, became a lawyer, and initially practiced in Vancouver.

In 1995, I moved to Hong Kong to work as a lawyer. After 10 years of practice, I decided to try something different, so at the invitation of a friend, I joined her headhunting company, which is now the world’s largest legal recruitment firm  I worked as a headhunter recruiting lawyers for legal jobs at law firms, banks, private and public companies and non-profits.

As a recruiter, I would screen hundreds of applicant resumes, and I would often come across resumes that were poorly written and needed a lot of improvement. After re-writing their resumes, these applicants would get immediate calls for interviews. It was at this point that I realized I had a talent for writing strong resumes. Working closely with employers, I knew exactly what they looked for in their new hires. Surprisingly, I found that many applicants would fail to highlight those skill sets and job experiences that matter most to an employer.

Setting Up a Vancouver Resume Writing Company

When I moved back to Vancouver in 2008, I established a Vancouver resume writing business called Channel Resume  where its primary objective is to help clients create professional resumes that would land them job interviews. Why the name “Channel Resume”? Well, I used the word “channel” to convey the sense that one shifting and diverting one’s energies and focus towards a single objective – which in this case, is landing an interview and getting a new job.

Have a look at my UBC Alumni Spotlight.

Vancouver Resume Help For University And College Graduates

I am a professional resume writer and help university and college graduates write professional resumes that help them get their first “real jobs” outside of school. I also help students with their application letters to graduate school, law and medical school, and MBA programs. Find out what’s unique about my Vancouver resume writing services and how my services can help you stand above the crowd.

How Do I Choose a Vancouver Resume Writer?

how to choose a vancouver resume writerI didn’t want to write a self-serving article about how to choose a resume writer in Vancouver, but I felt that there weren’t many materials out there that serve as a guide for choosing a resume writer.



As I wrote this article, I tried to put myself into the shoes of the client, and asked myself, “What would I look for in a resume writer?” Here, in no particular order, are some of things that I would be mindful of:

1.  Can your resume writer write?

You should look for previous samples of her writing in judging whether this person has the ability to write a professional resume. If you don’t have his resume samples, look at his website, blogs and articles; you can learn a lot about a person’s writing abilities from those pieces of writing.

2.  What qualifications does the resume writer have?

Nowadays, a person can be certified by such associations as the Professional Association of Resume Writers or Career Coaches and The National Resume Writers’ Association. If your resume writer is certified, it is a plus, but not an absolute requirement.

I don’t have a resume writing certificate, but one doesn’t need special certification to work as a resume writer. Many resume writers have relevant experience gained from previous work, such as serving as a career counsellor, recruiter or head hunter, outplacement consultant, or even as a copywriter.

The important thing is that the resume writer understands what employers look for in an applicant’s resume. A good Vancouver resume writer will know how to highlight the applicant’s key skills and qualifications as they relate to a job opening. She will be skilled in presenting the person’s work biography, and education and training history in a succinct and
compelling way.

“A good Vancouver resume writer will know how to highlight the applicant’s key skills and qualifications as they relate to a job opening.”

3.  What is the resume writing process like?

A professional resume writer will clearly explain what the writing process will be like. In order to write your resume, the writer will require your work and education information. To get that information, the writer will do one of three things: he can have you fill in an online form; interview you over the telephone; or meet you in person for an in-depth discussion.

As a resume writer, I prefer to meet with my clients in person. This way, I get to know them better, and am able to grasp their special skills, unique work experiences and educational backgrounds.

Many resume services require clients to fill in a set of online forms; what they do is re-assemble the information that you provide to them. The problem with this method is that it fails to pull out all of an applicant’s talents and qualifications that might lie hidden away. From my experience, I find that this valuable information only surfaces when you have rigorously questioned the client, drilling deep into his work experiences and qualifications.

Applicants who do the same set of tasks everyday, over a period of decades, have a difficult time articulating their unique skill sets until you ask them very specific questions about their work responsibilities. A good resume writer will uncover an applicant’s key talents and core competencies by asking a set of insightful questions.

4.  Are you able to talk to the actual resume writer himself?

Before you hire your resume writer, it’s important to be able to talk to him and ensure you are comfortable using his services.

You will want to ask:

•  How long has he been a resume writer?
•  What qualifications or relevant experience does he have?
•  Has he prepared resumes for someone in your profession previously?
•  Is he familiar with the job market for someone in your occupation or profession?

Before you decide on your resume writer, do a Google search of some of the resume writers in your area, call up two or three, and then decide. It’s important that you build a good rapport with your writer, and quite often, it comes down to your “gut feel” about the writer himself. Good luck!

Hire a Vancouver Resume Writer

If you feel that your resume is too outdated, or don’t have the time to rewrite your resume, why not hire a professional Vancouver resume writer? As a former headhunter, I know what employers look for in a resume. By asking you a set of detailed, insightful questions about your work history, I am able to pull out your most marketable skillsets and qualifications. Find out about my fees and the full extent of my services, and call me if you have any questions!

Sponsor Me! July 12 Bike-a-Thon for the Rotary Hearing Foundation | Resume Writing Vancouver

Vancouver Resume Writer, Wearing Bike Helmet Photo!Hello there! I know this isn’t related to resume writing, career exploration or job hunting, but I’m trying to use all social media platforms to get the word out about my upcoming Bike-a-Thon to fund-raise for the Rotary Hearing Foundation. For this Bike-a- thon, I promise to ride 120 km from Burnaby to Harrison Hot Springs, rain or shine.

Can you imagine not being able to hear your child speak his or her first few words? Or not being able to savour the simple pleasure of listening to your favourite song? Most of us know someone who is coping with hearing-related issues.  I am sure that you or someone you know has already benefited from the excellent research being done in this field.

Over the past 30 years, our club has raised over $2.6 million in support of hearing causes in B.C. , including programs at the B.C. Children’s Hospital, B.C. Family Hearing Resource Society, and many others.

To see a great example of how your donations can help others, listen to  young Janelle Milne’s uplifting cochlear implant story.

A common donation is about $50, but, really, any amount would be appreciated. Any donation of $25 or more will qualify for a tax receipt. As a plus, your donation will be matched by corporate sponsors to support the Women’s National Soccer Team! [1]

Visit Milton’s Fundraising Page to make a donation.

(Or you can email me with the amount that you would like to donate, and I can arrange to collect a cheque from you.)

Respectfully, and with thanks,


[1]  This year, our club will be participating in a matching campaign organized by  Every dollar raised for the Vancouver Club of Vancouver Hearing Foundation will be matched by corporate sponsors to support our Women’s National Soccer Team.

Shall I State References In My Resume?

stuart miles

Stuart Miles from

My original article appeared in In this blog, I discuss the straight-forward question of whether references need to be stated in one’s resume. The answer is “yes and no.” As I state in the article, listing out your references may not be so prudent because you never know when someone might call on your reference. On the other hand, if you have as a reference someone who is well-known in your industry (e.g. a software company CEO or bank VP), why not use his or her name to elevate your profile? It might quickly lead to a job interview, even if your resume does not meet all of the job requirements.

Should I Include References in my Resume?

Read my full article “Should I Include References in my Resume” to find out all of the factors you should consider before listing out your employment references. And what about that phase, “References will be provided upon request.” Is that even necessary?

Hire a Professional Resume Writer

I am a professional resume writer in Vancouver BC that gives job applicants a competitive advantage – helping you land that desired job interview. Learn more about my Vancouver resume writing services here.

How to Become a Professional Resume Writer

For this blog, I’d like to reproduce a recent interview that I did with the online job site, The interview is basically about how I came from being a corporate & commercial lawyer to a professional resume writer in Vancouver. I discuss how resume formats have changed over the years, and recommend some style guidelines when composing a resume. (My advice is that for anyone who is pursuing a non-artistic or non-design career, refrain from using colour in your resume, and keep graphics down to a minimum.)

I tell readers about some of the biggest mistakes I see in people’s resumes, and how to avoid them.

How do I write a compelling a resume if I have minimal work experience?

From college graduates, one of the common questions I get is: how do I write a compelling a resume if I have minimal work experience?

My answer is: “You’ve been in school for most of your life; you’re not supposed to have a work history!” That said, if graduates have any summer work experience or volunteer experience, I tell them to put that in their resume. Try to highlight some valuable skill sets that you’ve picked up from volunteering or summer jobs, and might be of use to your future employer. This can include things like customer service or dealing with customer enquiries, operating a cash register, filing or data entry, office administration, etc. If you have co-op or practicum experience, then describe your job responsibilities and key learnings in specific detail. Highlight key skills that might be of use to a future employer.

Becoming a resume writer

For those of you interested in becoming a resume writer, I share some tips on how to get into the resume writing field, and some of the challenges of being in this line of work. But there are definitely rewards in being a resume writer, so read on!

Becoming a resume writer
Vancouver Resume Writer

As a Vancouver resume writer, I help give applicants a competitive edge. Learn more about my Vancouver resume writing services, including my resume writing rates, my writing process, and how to contact me for help.

Is it important to include your hobbies and interests in your resume?

Is it important to include your hobbies and interests in your resume? by Khunaspix

Just how relevant are your hobbies and interests to your resume? Do employers really want to know what you do in your spare time, or what sports teams you played for in high school or university?

As a professional resume writer in Vancouver I get this question a lot, and the answer isn’t so cut-and-dried.

“Vanilla” interests

Some of you might feel that you don’t have any interests that are worth stating. If you think that putting in plain “vanilla” interests would only consume valuable sections in your resume – such as listening to music, reading, going for walks, etc. – then leave that area empty.

Important hobbies & interests

On the flip side, the “hobbies and interests” section of the resume is the only part that tells the reader who you really are, as an individual. If, for example, you run a music site where you showcase new independent acts in your town or city, and have managed to attract 150,000 followers on your site, and generate about a thousand dollars of online banner ad revenue per month, your employers will want to know about this.

Have a look at my article in, “Is It Necessary To Include “Sports, Hobbies, and Interests” In My Resume?,” and read about the different scenarios where it might be relevant to describe your interests, sports, and hobbies.

Resume services Vancouver

I am a professional resume writer in Vancouver BC, giving applicants a competitive edge. Learn more about my resume services in Vancouver, including my resume writing rates and how to contact me for help.

Is a bachelor’s degree worth pursuing? (Entire Article)

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Note: This article was originally written as a three-part series for

Reproduced here on is the entire article.

University Application Service Vancouver

I am a professional resume writer in Vancouver BC and I specialize in University Application Services to help applicants gain a competitive edge. Learn more about my application and statement writing services here.

Is a Bachelor’s Degree Worth Pursuing? (Part 3 of 3)

t0zz from

t0zz from

In this final segment, I make some final conclusions as to whether a bachelor’s degree is still worth achieving.

If you haven’t already read the previous parts, check out 

As I mention in the article, universities are already taking action, in response to criticisms that they are not doing enough to prepare graduates for the job market. For example, at the University of British Columbia, my alma mater, there is a Tri-Arts Mentoring Program where students are matched up with alumni members who share the same Arts major.

The idea behind the program is for mentors to share their experiences of transitioning to a work life outside university, finding a career, and tackling the job market.

University graduate salaries

Finally, I discuss the issue of salaries.  University graduates can take comfort that, over time, those with degrees do make higher incomes than those with just a high school or college diploma. Paul Davidson, president of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, stated in The Globe and Mail that “the basic premise that the value of a B.A. is not what it used to be is wrong.” In his research, based on census information, Davidson found that people with a basic undergraduate degree make $1.4 million more over their lifetime than those with no post-secondary education, and $1 million more than college grads.

Read more of this final segment in to find out my conclusions of obtaining an Arts degree in today’s competitive job market.

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Is it worth pursuing a bachelor’s degree? (Part 2 of 3)

blog bachelor degree worth it part 2

Courtesy of hywards at

Also read:

In this second segment, I continue my discussion as to whether a bachelor’s degree is worth pursuing. I explain some of the benefits that studies in the humanities can give students. But what about preparing students for the tough job market? Can an Arts degree give students “job ready” skills?

Can an Arts degree give students “job ready” skills?

Before we get into this debate, we have to ask ourselves whether it is the responsibility of universities to give students job-specific skills. Anyone looking at job ads today will have noticed that more and more employers are asking entry-level applicants to already have at least one or two years of relevant experience.

I cite Craig Alexander, chief economist for TD Bank, who said in a Toronto Star article that this new emphasis on skills, rather than education, is basically a manoeuvre to “get the education system to do the training that in the past the employer would do.” Review my article in to learn more about this debate.

Professional Application Writer Vancouver

I am a professional writer in Vancouver BC and I specialize in writing resumes and University Application Services that help prospective students gain a competitive edge. Learn more about my application and statement writing services here.

Is it worth pursuing a bachelor’s degree? (Part 1 of 3)

Views from a Vancouver Resume Writer

Courtesy of ddpavumba at

 Cost vs Benefits, Getting a B.A.

The topic of getting a humanities degree is sure to illicit a range of strong opinions. We have all heard of Arts graduates who end up working at Starbucks or Home Depot for minimum wage. With the cost of university tuition being at an all-time high, and the job market still recovering from the Great Recession, there are many who feel that post secondary students ought to enter vocational institutes if they ever hope to secure gainful employment.

I used to think that universities did a poor job in equipping university graduates for today’s competitive job market. As a professional resume writer in Vancouver BC, I would sometimes look at a young person’s resume, observe the number of degrees and programs that the individual has taken, and wonder how it is that the person still can’t find decent work in her field, or a job with a promising career path.

My view has since changed. Like many complex subjects, there isn’t a straight-forward answer as to whether a liberal arts degree is the preferred route for anyone getting out of high school.

In this three-part series that I wrote for, I discuss the pros and cons of obtaining a liberal arts degree.

Continue Reading

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